Thursday, February 26, 2015

October 17th

Sometimes you wake up, and you think it's a normal day.
But you never know.

One day can change everything.

This week's Weekly Distraction

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life is fun! Or at least it was this week.

Good things about this week:
  • Work was insanely fun last Friday because everyone was in a crazy mood.
  • I went to the 356 Help Room twice this week for the sole purpose of hanging out and just seeing the Help Room leaders cause now we're pals.
  • ALTON BROWN LIVE!!!!!! Yeah it happened on Monday and that was THE best. Also Dan and I went to Zoey's Pizzeria and got a Zookie which is a ridiculous thing that exists in this world.
  • My 356 Exam went well (I think). *update: it did not go as well as I had thought but it didn't go horribly so I guess I'm stuck between being disappointed but not upset.
  • I got caught up in French and now I feel like I'm competent enough to participate in discussions.
  • Lunch with Eli, Kait, and Bryan today.
  • Schneider's office hours.

Bad things about this week:
  • Just discovered today that on my 356 Exam I got the FUCKING REYNOLDS NUMBER WRONG AND I'M SO MAD. 
  • I forgot my oatmeal muffin at work today!!!!!!!! 

So yeah. Positives and negatives, but I'm being less cynical! Life is looking up; I'm on a high streak.

This week's Weekly Distraction (because this never gets old)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lost like a bug in the night

Last week I kept track of something beautiful that I noticed each day.

It was triggered on Day 1, when I was out on my balcony.
I looked at our porch light, and noticed a cluster of bugs which had gathered on it, having flown toward the light due to their innate sense of navigation.

Bugs navigate by the light of the moon, and sadly, we have created these artificial beacons for them.

Their use of moonlight is to keep it at a constant angle, so that they can keep a straight path. Upon their detection of a porch light, the attempt to keep the light at a constant angle causes them to fly in circles around the light, since it radiates on all sides.

Eventually, many of the bugs fly straight into the light, which leads inevitably to their death. Burning from the intensity of the light that was supposed to guide them... now that's why I call a fatal attraction.

My senior year of high school, I read Our Vanishing Night by Verlyn Klinkenborg. It was fascinating, but mostly in a sad way. I would strongly encourage you to read the essay.

When I had initially noticed the bugs which had become entrapped by our porch light, I thought it was a sort of beautiful concept. Of course, I took a rather philosophical view on it, imagining that the bugs were attracted to the light out of its allure, and seemingly being unable to resist it until they were literally ignited by the attraction. It reminded me of the Sirens who taunt the sailors with their dangerous enchantment.
I like the idea that something can be so intoxicating that it kills you... but was it worth it, in the end?

Now, thinking about it as a reality and understanding the real cause, I feel sad and somewhat disgusted by the whole situation. I know they are "just bugs", but there's more to the problem of light pollution than killing a few insignificant beings. And who are we to say they are so insignificant, anyway?

Some food for thought, maybe. Or perhaps I'm just over-analyzing.

This week's Weekly Distraction

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tell Me

The most important lessons you learn in life are going to be learned the hard way.

You can tell me I'm imperfect,
Yet darling, so are you.

You can say that I need changing,
And yes, it may be true.

But don't tell me I'm undeserving
Of the love that I pursue.

I ask only that you lie to me,
So I might blossom, too.

This week's Weekly Distraction