Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yes yes yes. That's me.
I'm a cheater.

I was all "no recreational internet for the weekdays!"
It's a Tuesday evening.
I'm not even done with my homework yet.

But here I am.

It's just that I have so many unfinished things. And I hate it. I've made probably 12 vlogs, but they haven't been posted because I a) haven't finished editing them or b) wasn't patient enough to upload them or c) wanted to wait because sometimes impulsiveness leads to embarrassment in my case...
The themed tumblr about "thingsilivefor"...I have about 50 pictures edited for that too. FINISHED. Just not posted.
I've also started 2 (now 3) blog posts. I have them here as drafts, honestly. But I just haven't finished or posted any them.

I know, I should go and finish editing my vlogs.
I know, I should post my tumblr pics.
I know, I should finish my thoughts on the 2 other blog posts and publish them.

I won't. Because that'll take too much time, and I'm already cheating. But that's what I'm doing this for. I'm making a post about how I haven't been making posts, and I'm posting it. Just for the sake of posting. Of finishing something.

I guess what really motivated me was that I got sad all of a sudden.
I miss Comp. I miss Fatima and Jenna and Bridget. I miss Cardona. I miss blogging. I miss writing.

I miss finishing things.
And sadly I've begun to realize the main reason things get finished is because they have to. More often than not, my finished work is done because it's an assignment, not because it's something that I just felt like doing.
I have no reason to post my vlogs anymore. So I don't.
It would only take a few minutes to post my tumblr pics, but it's so much easier to just reblog things that have already been made. So I haven't.
I told myself I would continue blogging, but there's no Weekend Update to prompt me...no 5 points in the formative category to motivate me. So I've stopped.

Maybe this is a dumb post.
Maybe the topic is a little banal.
Maybe it's not my best writing.

But it's finished.
And I'm posting it.