Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

Everyone is lonely.

There's no way that you can't be, at least occasionally. You're all by yourself in your own head, with no escape. Not even for a few minutes.

And unless you really enjoy the company of yourself, well...everyone would go a little crazy in their solitude, right?

I believe that's why we have so many different modes of communication. I mean, everything we do is some form of communication, in reality.

And honestly, I love it. I love having constant access to other people's lives; their thoughts, feelings,'s all so comforting to me. I get to escape my own mind for a bit and sneak a glimpse of the minds of others.

I feel like my activity on social media is always some weird desperate attempt to connect with people. If only for a moment to not feel so alone.

But I guess I wonder if everyone else is faking it as much as I am.

This week's goal: Finish PS6&7