Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 13

Wednesday was a particularly good day.

Things to try if you're feeling mopey:

  • Read a book.
  • Get some coursework done early.
  • Run errands (it makes you feel productive).
  • Find a way to actively support a cause. 
  • Do something social.
  • Dollar pints ^.^

Anyway, I feel great. I know it doesn't really matter, but it's nice.

This week's goal: Exam prep.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Almost Strangers

We were strangers back then: Freshman year.

It was Wednesday afternoon, the last class of my day. I walked into the classroom. I was seven minutes early, but there were already some students filling up the side of the room nearest to the door. I kept walking past, eyeing a row of seats that was still empty. I could feel the burning stares of everyone as I made my way across the room. Finally I sat down, hoping to remain alone in my isolated row.

As people shuffled in, they filled up the seats in the most vacated areas, until finally the suckers who came in last were left to awkwardly squeeze past everyone and sit right next to some poor fool...

I was the poor fool. I was busy doodling in my notebook which I had already taken out, and suddenly a body was trying to fit in between my desk and the one to my left. I looked over to see a butt in khaki pants. I looked down and saw he was wearing high white socks and sneakers. Hmph.

Once he sat down I stole a glance at his face. He was a little goofy looking. Wide face, glasses that were perched just below his natural gaze so that he had to tilt his head up slightly to see through them.

The instructor finally entered. She began class in the usual way. Hi. I'm so-and-so. Here's the syllabus. Take a minute to read it. Any questions? Let's begin class. 

She told us about something that wasn't in the syllabus but would need to be noted for our next class period. Some assignment or whatever. Goofy-Glasses-Face started shuffling through his backpack. He kept shuffling, and shuffling...I can't remember if he asked me or not, but I eventually handed him a pencil.


Much too loud, and much too grateful. It's just a damn pencil, kid.

Class continued with a freaking ice-breaker. And man, was I sick of those. I mundanely spewed out the basic information: My name is Kira Engebretson; I'm from the Twin Cities, Minnesota; I'm studying Chemical Engineering; a fun fact about me is that I played rugby in high school.

I listened for his information intently. Information I've long forgotten by now. I remember trying to size him up... Is he weird? Is he funny? Is he awkward? Is he actually just normal and I'm being a judgmental ass? Anyway, the only thing I can remember now is Bill. Bill...Harrison? Henderson? Harvey?

Anyway, Bill Humphingsumthing and I more-or-less became friends. We talked in class every week and we both joined committees on the Advisory Board. He organized a trip to Goodwill for the First Years, and I don't remember how, but he kept me laughing the entire time.

That was years ago.
Today, we walked past each other. I hardly recognized him enough to acknowledge it, and even then it was almost an afterthought to give a muted smile. At that point we had nearly passed each other anyhow; we were already forgetting about one another.

Today we were almost strangers.

And in time, maybe a year, we'll be strangers once again. I won't think twice about seeing him as I walk past. Heck, I might not even really see him. And he might see me but I'll just appear to be another faceless blur in the crowd of strangers that flow past him on that day.

It's kind of tragic, but it's so normal. Bill isn't the first person in my life to whom this cycle has occurred, and he won't be the last. Thinking of the acquaintances and friends I have right now, I wonder how long it will take for some of them to become strangers once again.

The funny thing is... for as sad as it seems, it won't be sad when the time comes. People fade in and out of our lives constantly, and we don't even think about it. I would say something about "cherishing the friendships you have while you have them" but that isn't really the point. I guess all we can do is shrug our shoulders and move on.

So... *shrugs*
Goodbye, Bill stranger.

This week's goal: Go out of my way to do something.

Friday, March 11, 2016

It's break.

So I'm taking a break.

This week's goal: Get caught up on coursework.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Tonight consisted of...

  • Not Your Father's Rootbeer floats
  • Gossiping about co-workers 
  • This:

This week's goal: Get community service information confirmed.