Friday, August 19, 2016


I keep whining about how I'm stressed that I only had one semester of being a Psychology student before I had to start really preparing for Grad school.

I mean can you blame me? I switched my major one week into the semester. I was taking basic psychology courses but nothing that really represented my interests and weren't very challenging. And now, by the end of this upcoming semester I will need to have taken the GRE (which is in a week by the way), figure out for sure what I want to study for 6 freaking years beyond my undergraduate degree, decide regionally where I want to go, apply to schools (which requires references which I haven't really been able to accumulate over the course of a single semester taking general psychology courses with 200 students in them), and I now I have to take a year of biology (mind you I only have one year left, so I'm trying to get into a Neurobiology course which is full and I don't have the prerequisite for)...and then what? Sit back and cross my fingers that in all of that process I haven't made a huge mistake or misjudged my interests?

Yeah it's stressful.

But look, okay. It's stressful for everyone. And there are challenges with every next step in life, whatever that may be for anyone at any given time.

I guess I just have to think... would I really be all that much better off if I had more time to think and prepare? Would I even use that time?

Knowing me, probably not.

So shut up, Kira. It's going to be fine. One step at a time, right? So step 1: the GRE. That's in a week. Take a deep breath and focus. For right now, the only thing in your horizon is that exam.

This week's goal: GRE Prep (like the dickens!)

Friday, August 12, 2016


Holy crap I am ready to go back to Ames and have a routine.

This week's goal: Get everything ready for the semester to start!