Friday, January 29, 2016

More Lessons

Hi. Welcome to Week 5:
  • The "Life Lessons" have been slapping me in the face lately.
  • I like to make lists.
  • This isn't the first time I've used this approach to abstractly discuss my week. 
1. The MOST important thing is to be happy. I can't emphasize this enough. It's not easy to accomplish because you are limited. But take control of the things you can, and make the absolute fucking best of them.

2. Don't give people your time if they don't prioritize you. It sucks, but people tend to be superficial. Relationships are difficult, and it takes effort from both sides. Most relationships are extremely temporary (especially at this time in your life) so don't hesitate to cut people out early if you find you're exhausted just trying to maintain connections.

3. Always build in some wiggle room. Shit happens. If you're proactive, this won't be too much of an issue.

4. Your business is your business. You don't have to share it with anyone unless you want to... even your "best friend". And on the reciprocal note: keep your mouth shut about other people's business. It's not your place.

5. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard.

This week's goal: Research labs for the summer.

Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm making big changes.

This is the year that I will find happiness.

This week's goal: Hone in on professional interests. I want to be able to write a career objective on my resumé.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The first week of Spring 2016 is complete.

Conclusion: this semester is going to kill me.

This semester might turn out to be alright.

This week's goal: Go to all my classes. Oops, so I maybe already skipped one...

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016, I welcome you.

Sharing yourself with others is scary. Your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations are intimate, and telling others can be terrifying because what if you fail? I've always felt this way, so I've kept to myself. But I lack discipline, and not sharing my goals means not having the motivation to achieve them. Friends hold you accountable for this.

So I opened up. I told my friend Eli about all the goals I want to accomplish this semester, and he told me his. We're going to hold bi-weekly meetings to check in with each other.

I'm excited for 2016.

I'm going to start volunteering weekly at the Boys and Girls Club in Ames. I think it'll be nice to have that as part of my routine.

I've set up meetings with three professors for the first couple weeks of classes to help me get started on the correct trajectory. I'm hoping to better understand what I want to do with my future, and be proactive about setting myself up for success in whatever this happens to be.

I went on a date yesterday. It was pretty much wonderful. There was no pressure on the situation because we live so far from each other during the academic year that it wouldn't be practical to pursue anything, but it was a step out of my comfort zone (I don't date much) so I consider it a success for my weekly goal.

I think this is going to be a good year.

This week's goal: Eat breakfast everyday.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Better Nate Than Lever

Hi. Happy New Year.

I'm already off to a rough start, BUT I'm hoping to [actually be successful at posting a] blog every Friday this year. Last year I did well, until coursework really started shitting on me.

Anyway, I feel insane optimism regarding this year. It's funny how a fresh start can do that, as if all it takes is a new year or a new semester to truly allow me to make changes.

I guess change happens gradually, but I'm working on it. So here goes everything.

This week's goal: Have courage. I'm going on a date on Thursday. Wish me luck.