Thursday, July 20, 2017


There is a boy who is trapped in an elevator. It is upheld merely by a wire which is slowly, but surely, thinned by gravity with each passing moment.

Through the broken doors, which are slightly ajar, the boy can see that the elevator is suspended in a dark abyss. He knows he is at a height so great, that impending death is certain. It is only a question of when the wire will break.

The boy lives therefore in fear of even the slightest movements. But he manages to dance, regardless. And his dance is quite beautiful. So fearful are his eyes and yet so confident his movements.

He dances and dances; sometimes he forgets that there is anything to be afraid of at all.

But of course, it is in those moments of weakness that he suddenly feels a jolt and a tilt as the wire taunts him mere millimeters (or sometimes quite a bit more) closer to his demise.

It hasn't happened yet...but I know someday when that wire releases him from suspension, the boy will leap from the elevator. This will not save him, of course, but he will do it anyway. To fall at his own will, and to die outside of the box which has trapped him his entire life.

Free at last. If only for a moment.