Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Only Reason This Isn't A Poem Is Because Poems Are Beautiful, And This Is Just Truth

There aren't many things that can be fixed once they are broken.

Sometimes enough time passes...
Or the right words are said...
Or a grand gesture is made...
And we're willing to say,
"Look at that: good as new"
But it's simply a facade.
We know it never can be.

My obsession with blankness, freshness, emptiness...
Is not about the potential it holds,
But how cruel you can be to something new.

The reason I'm fascinated by how things can tarnish,
Is because it's so much easier to destroy than to build.

One mistake.
One error.
One slip-up.
One misstep.
There are so many words for the things we can do wrong.

But to build?
You must be conscientious;

Why else take pride in the passage of time?

Be weary of
The marks you make;
The scars you leave;
The people you change...

Damage is permanent.
But we are only human.

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